Dark ankles and knees are a common skin problem faced by many. Although the condition is not a medical concern, it can be quite embarrassing especially if you have fair skin, wear shorter-length clothing, and/or open-toe shoes.


The skin on your knees and feet is naturally thicker and drier than elsewhere on your body because of the amount of strain these areas go through. As we age our skin is no longer able to handle wear and tear, and as such sensitive areas become dark and rough. The roughness is due to the fact that it takes our skin twice as long to shed dead cells, with the renewal process taking place every 60 days as opposed to every 30 days. The natural decrease in cell turnover can cause dead skin cell buildup.



  • Constant friction triggers the body to grow extra skin in sensitive areas to reduce the risk of damage. The outer layer of skin grows thick and hard, and the dead skin cells build-up. Those dead skin cells look darker, hence the dark spots.

  • Sun exposure of affected areas will only increase the problem, as dead skin cells can still absorb sunlight, causing the area to become even darker.

  • Dirt that has not been properly removed can actually “stain” dead cells.

  • Certain people are genetically predisposed to developing these dark spots on their bodies, especially those with darker skin color.

  • Certain medications can cause pigmentation in the knees and ankles.



It is important to visit a dermatologist to make sure there are no medical reasons for the darkening. There are many creams designed to assist your body to reduce the production of melanin/pigment in the area as well as the dryness and rough texture sometimes associated with this problem.


There are a number of specialized Peels that are designed to help rid you of darkening in the desired areas.



  • Always use sunscreen, especially on affected areas

  • Avoid rubbing and exfoliating the affected areas which may increase the problem

  • Apply natural, skin-lightening products to the area such as lemon juice, baking soda, and rose water

  • Keep your knees and ankles moisturized at all times