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How much do your treatments cost? 

The cost depends on the treatments you are seeking. The first step is to book a consultation with our specialists to discuss your needs, at that point, our specialists will recommend the best treatments for you and discuss the price. However, as a general guide, our single treatments begin at JOD 25 and can go up from there.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments will depend on the current state of your face and the results you seek. Our consultants will be able to give you this information during your consultation.

How often will I need a session? 

This will depend on your treatment plan and goals. Your consultant will be able to provide you with this information. 

Are the treatments painful?

No. At Karmalite the treatments we provide are non-invasive. Some of them might by accompanied by some discomfort, while others will be completely relaxing.

Do you do botox & fillers?

Yes, of course. We have highly skilled to give you a very natural look using only authentic materials.

Can I return to normal activities after treatments?

Yes, with the selection of the right treatment, you can return to work right after your treatment. However, there are some treatments that might leave you a bit red for an hour or two. Your service provider will inform you of any possible down time before starting your treatment.

How soon will I see results?

This will depend on your treatment program and desired results. Your body consultant should be able to give you this information during your consultation.

Is there some age limit for the treatments?

You should be at least 18 years old to get face treatments, but there is no upper age limit as we offer many treatments that are suitable for different age groups.

Do you offer men’s services?

Yes. Of course. We have male practitioners that are dedicated to treating men. Any treatment that can be performed on women can also be performed on men.

Who will be performing the treatment?

Some treatments are provided by the doctor, including Botox, fillers, and some laser treatments. However, most treatments are administered by highly trained health care professionals.

When should I start these treatments?

The general recommendation is to start your anti-aging treatments at the age of 25 when most of us begin to age. You should start by identifying any current signs of aging you are experiencing and manage your skin health. If you are starting later in life then we have to work against time, which tends to take longer and requires the treatments to be a bit more aggressive.

Where do I begin?

Where do I begin?

The first step is booking your appointment with one of our doctors or consultations specialists who will assist you in determining the right treatment for you.