Over the years our stomach area may appear to be slacker and it starts to “hang” loosely, this is known as the loose belly. As we age, in addition to the area appearing floppy, the belly skin may become more fragile and flat. This occurs when the outer layer of the skin (epidermis) and the area underneath it (dermis) come together. With age lower levels of collagen and elastin are produced, which reduces skin’s elasticity.

The skin in your belly area is also constantly exposed to the unforgiving pull of gravity causing it to sag, ultimately forming flaps and folds.

Some people may experience dropping or expanding of the belly/stomach area due to the distension/loosening of the transverse abdominal muscle (shown below). This is the muscle that holds our entire waste inwards. When this muscle is weakened it allows your waist area to expand making you look 10 kilograms heavier than you actually are.


Standard abdominal exercises do not work on this muscle, it requires specific exercises that are difficult and uncomfortable. There is a trick that science has found to make it easier.


  • Genetics, some areas are more predisposed to loosening than others

  • Age

  • Rapid weight loss and dieting without exercise

  • Sleeping positions

  • Smoking

  • Sun exposure

  • Bad posture

  • Lack of training



Ultratone is the most effective and targeted way to improve a loose belly through electric stimulation. Several sessions may be required.  The treatment will tighten, tone, lift, and firm the belly area. How this treatment is unique is that it actually teaches your muscles to remain tightened without you having to consciously think about it.


When the situation is determined to be due to skin and not a muscular issue Exilis is used to treat stubborn fatty deposits as well as loose or sagging skin.


If the skin issue is excessive our consultants may recommend that you visit a plastic surgeon to remove the extra skin.



  • Try to exercise at least three times a week to boost circulation

  • Mind your posture, avoid walking around hunched over, this will only make your belly “hang” even lower

  • Try probiotics, which can help reduce bloat

  • Switch to green tea, it is full of antioxidants and is said to possess fat-burning properties

  • Indulge in super foods such as broccoli, asparagus, blueberries, and salmon

  • Get a professional trainer that can show you the right exercises for the transverse abdominal muscle